Friday, 2 September 2016

Agile on the Beach 2016: Empowering Teams to Change

I had the enormous pleasure to speak at the "Teams & Practices" track of this year's Agile on the Beach conference with my colleague Hanif. It was a bit of a last minute submission, with only two weeks to work out and prepare the full talk, but it was well worth it, as we joined an awesome bunch of speakers and attendees, and many great ideas got exchanged!

The Agile on the Beach speakers

Our talk was an experience report of the recent reorganisation of our development department from teams structured around architectural components to cross-functional, project-based, and much more fluidly structured feature teams which pull work from a single backlog. 

This transition was developed iteratively and from the ground up, rather than being imposed by management, and adjusted as the team saw fit based on frequent reflection and implementation of any resulting tweaks that were seen as necessary for productivity and team health. We argued that this empowerment was a key element for the success of this transition, but also outlined a number of key challenges we had to overcome during the regrouping.

Here are slides from our talk:


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